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London Screenwriters’ Festival Guest Blog: Tomorrow, Next Year, In Another Life

Posted on: August 12th, 2010 by Lucy V Hay No Comments

by The Kid In The Front Row

time slips awayYou’ve woken up. You’re breathing. Your arms are working. This is the day you’re starting your screenplay.

But wait; you’ve got to go into the office for that big meeting and you have to look after your cousin’s kids later. Okay, tomorrow you are starting your screenplay.

It’s tomorrow, it’s a weekend; it’s time to get writing. But wait! You need to fix that bit of wood that’s hanging weirdly in the kitchen, you need to talk to your friend on Skype, you need to put some inspirational quotes on Facebook. Now you’re tired, maybe you’ll start tomorrow.

The problem we have as writers is not that our work stinks, but that we never write it at all. Excuses out there abound: work, crazy relatives, money problems. And then there are the inner problems: you’re not feeling ‘quite ready’ to start, you lack clarity, you can’t focus. These problems aren’t unique to you, they are shared by all writers and pretty much all people in life. To succeed, you need to do two things: start writing and keep writing.

The thing about screenwriting, except in rare cases, is that it won’t kill you. So you’re scared of ridicule, humiliation and cliché scenes; but even if those things materialize YOU’RE STILL BREATHING! The world didn’t end! You can keep on writing.

We all want our first drafts to be like Billy Wilder, but the truth is, even his first scripts weren’t like Billy Wilder. You need to practice, you need to keep figuring out what the hell screenwriting is and what it means to you.

Open Final Draft, get writing. It won’t be the worst thing ever. And if it is, you’ll do better next time. You have talent, you have ideas, get them on the page.

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