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More delegates’ thoughts on LSF

Posted on: October 20th, 2010 by Anton 1 Comment

We were going to limit this article to one blog post but the emails kept on coming in with exciting opinions, so we thought what the hell. You wanted it, you got it. What you really want from YOUR Festival, Round 2.

 Christopher Austin 
“I have never been to an event like this before but I figured it would really open my eyes to this whole other but very critical side of the entertainment industry. I would like to be able to meet other writers, struggling and successful, and to be enlightened by the many different seminars and professionals that will be in attendance.”

 Felicity McCall

“I have seven published novels/non-fiction, and three more with publishers, four professional screen credits. I intend to convince an agent I am worth taking on. To meet and network with fellow writers in what can, at times be a solitary occupation for a gregarious person.”

 James Debenham

“It’s my ambition to direct my own work so what I’m hoping to get out of the festival is this… an experienced producer who could help find finance and pull my low-budget feature together.”

Dave Herman
“My expectations are modest in terms of career breakthroughs. I guess in general, my main objective is to practice communicating professionally about my writing, both formally (e.g. Euroscript Clinic) and informally (e.g., the bar…). Besides that, it will be great to meet in person with various people I’ve been “virtual friends” with for quite a while.”

 Theresa Avery
“Trust the London Screenwriters’ Festival will open the doors to a more fruitful, flexible and fulfilling lifestyle.   It will be great to share an experience with those who share interests and dreams.”

Whether you’re a novice writer or a hardened veteran of the keyboard, London SWF is a place for you to relax, learn a few things and make some new friends. It’ll be a funny sort of day. You will spend hours learning everything you physically and mentally can and then spend the entire evening losing every new brain cell at the bar. As a team, our goal is to give everyone the best Festival we can, no matter what your focus is, so keep the emails coming and we’ll do our best to deliver a truly memorable weekend.

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  1. Peter Spencer says:

    I’m looking forward to meeting and relaxing with some great, like-minded people, to meeting some great creatives and maybe even making connections that can lead to work…..:

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