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London Screenwriters’ Festival ‘Beyond the Bio’: Gub Neal

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Gub NealGub Neal has just about done it all – he’s produced Emmy-winning drama (‘Prime Suspect’), co-created much-adored series (‘Cracker‘), been Head of Drama at a prestigious UK TV channel (Channel 4) and is now the Creative Director of Artists Studio.

Read more about Gub and his credits on his bio page, but first find out how he dealt with our testing Q&A after the jump:

Q: What was your favourite film as a kid?

A: ‘Beau Geste’ and ‘Fireball XL5′.

Q: Who inspired you when you were starting out?

A: Michael Wearing and Charles Chaplin.

Q: What was your big break?

A: Convincing the BBC that acting as a clown was suitable training for a career in TV.

Q: What was the best day in your career?

A: Whenever they finally let me take the clown suit off.

Q: What has been your most important lesson?

A: Never be rude to people below you – they’ll remember all too well as they pass you on the way up…

Q: If a niece or nephew wanted to be in the business, what would you advise them?

A: Always carry a red nose in your pocket – nothing confounds disaster better than a sense of humour.

Q: What is the hardest part of your job and how do you overcome it?

A: Stres over what you can’t control but feel you should…exercising humour or the humour of exercise.

Q: What do you feel is a writer’s or filmmaker’s key responsibility?

A: Move people to places they thought they were afraid to visit.

Q: What mistakes do you see emerging writers or filmmakers making over and over?

A: Seeking to please the vanity of the market ahead of their own curiosity about the world.

Q: What advice would you offer an emerging writer or filmmaker?

A: Chase what scares you most.

NEXT TIME ON ‘BEYOND THE BIO’: writer of the thrice-made ‘Death at a Funeral’ movies, Dean Craig.

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