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Inspired By Science

Posted on: September 21st, 2010 by Anton 8 Comments

Are you a science geek at heart? Maybe not. But admit it, you watched The Fly and wished you’d written it! Well, now is your chance to pull that closet biomedical science idea out of your brain and send it out into the universe. Take a leap of faith and write something out of this world.

What exactly is biomedical science? It can be anything from global pandemics, the ethics of genetics or consciousness, or the human brain.

So what exactly is the point of wanting to write the next Battlestar Galactica? Well, our new competition of course. If you haven’t already heard the buzz, the competition is called ‘Inspired By Science’ and it’s being run in association with the Wellcome Trust.

This is a competition for film and TV screenwriters. And not only does the winner receive £5,000 as a cash prize but they also have the luxury of being assisted over a period of six months by the Wellcome Broadcast team to develop their proposal. The winner will be given access to some of UK’s leading scientists to aid their research and to help fulfil the promise of the writer’s best ideas.

Just make sure your idea is innovate, entertaining and accessible. Push your imagination to its virtual limits and take your audience with you. We’re looking for fresh and distinctive ideas that are also informative.

And there isn’t only one winner. Ten shortlisted finalists will receive complimentary invitations to the festival. Don’t worry if you’ve already bought your ticket: you’ll be getting a nice little cheque in the post to reimburse you for the cost of your ticket.

So, what’s stopping you? This is your chance to take your seed of a story idea and nourish it with experts of its given field.

So by the end of the six months, if you are the winner, you will have a high impact, well-researched treatment that could secure you further development!

And don’t forget that there is also the Short Script Competition and the Feature Script Competiton too.

Good luck!

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