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#Comfest – We Have A Winner!

Posted on: March 18th, 2011 by Lucy V Hay 1 Comment

Many thanks to everyone who entered #comfest, our Twitter contest where Team CWF asked you to write a logline for a comedy project for the chance to win a ticket to next month’s festival.

We had LOADS of entries – Lucy V lost count! – but the team managed to draw up a long list of TWENTY THREE (with kudos to two “joke” entries) and these were:

TOP 25 #Comfest Entries

1) Sketty
Fish restaurant waiter is haunted by ghost of Paul the psychic octopus who advises him through a number of traumas #comfest
2) LilMissMystic
@londonswf A harrassed housewife is shocked when her angelic and devilish sides both come alive to ‘assist’ her in all her problems #comfest
3) RedZed333
Man joins security team as a cardboard policeman only to realise later he’s not cut out for the job. #comfest
4) StevoFiori
A Murderer has a body to hide, only the corpse isn’t where he left it. Thus begins a quest to find the body… And hide it again #comfest
5) NuttyNatter
Gardeners are the new hoodies when a territorial fight kicks off over who has the right to sell herbs down the allotments. #comfest
6) Ferrrgle
In the future, a team is set up to travel back in time to ensure people don’t travel back in time to destroy the future. #comfest
7) jazadal
A womanising 1980s college athlete awakens from 30-year coma 2 find that things have changed +he still needs 13 credits 2 graduate#comfest
8) Adam_Stevens_82
Was Phil Collins right when he said that you can’t hurry love? One forsaken man plans to find out- by going on 30 dates in 30 days.#comfest
9) Big_Mezza
An OCD sufferer yearns to be a better father but struggles to accept that he has an odd number of children. #comfest
10) sweettweenie
#comfest The Prime Minister must choose between his newfound love for nudity and running the country
11) TheoMadla
A guidance counselor hates his job, but just received tenure. Now that he can’t get fired, he can start guiding these kids- HARD.#Comfest
12) saimamir
#comfest 2mild-mannered old women tire of the drudgery of life & turn 2 assassinating mothers-in-law 2 pay their children’s tuition fees.
#comfest Submarine commander is given charge of his first nuclear sub but his crew are useless dunderheads charged with a deadly mission
The girl he loves is a Gorgio Armani type – he’s more George at Asda, so sets about ruining her life to bring her down to his level #comfest
Gaddafi, Sheen and Berlusconi are left holding a baby with a cocaine soaked nappy in “Three Dirty Old Men and a Bunga Bunga party” #Comfest
16) @velvet_eyes: #comfest A legal loop hole finds career criminal Jack Steinberg return to prison but this time accompanied by his interfering Jewish parents
17) @aurorafearnley: #comfest Twitch: Two rival ornithologists race to sight a rare bird in Scotland. One using expensive technology, the other animal instinct.
18) @nickhumt – Dave is invincible. He’s also weak unfit cowardly selfish and doesn’t want to leave Crawley to be a superhero whatever his mum says
A man is determined to find God after he discovers that Heaven and Hell underwent a corporate merger following God’s resignation #comfest
In a world where laughter’s banned, Tom begins to perform standup on the underground open mic circuit, only to find he isn’t funny. #comfest
Den of Geeks: A group of gamers are losing their geeky girl to rowers and fight to reclaim her with conventions, comics and cunning #comfest
#comfest Two aliens assume the form of Earth’s most talked-about citizens to study our fine culture – a disgraced actor and a teen popstar.

#comfest With their Community Hall set to close, the local Women’s Institute takes the only logical step to save it: drug dealing.


24) Jazzchantoozie Andrea Mann
#comfest Fledgling comedy writer enters festival logline competition on Twitter but sadly runs out of characters before reaching end of her
At the last minute Jack reports all #comfest entrants for spamming, gets them deleted, only to get his winning tweet deleted for spamming…


1) Ferrrgle
2) Big_Mezza
3) TheoMadla
4) LilMissMystic
5) Marshbuttrue
6) DraconianOne
7 – NuttyNatter
8 – @velvet_eyes
9 – rosieclaverton
10 – carter_andrewj


Big_Mezza aka Josh Merritt
An OCD sufferer yearns to be a better father but struggles to accept that he has an odd number of children. #comfest

WELL DONE JOSH!!! Lucy V (@Bang2write) will be in touch just as soon as she can to arrange your prize.

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