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Learn How To Write Your Screenplay At The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2010… first event is a success!

Posted on: August 26th, 2010 by Anton No Comments

MetFilmOn Monday night, the first event of The London Screenwriters’ Festival took place at the Met Film School.

While the festival is for professional screenwriters, we know that emerging talent could also get a huge amount from it too. As such, we have designed a specific thread through the festival, tailored to the needs of new writers. This will be about 25% of the whole festival content, the remaining sessions being targeted at pro writers.

So on Monday night… we held the first of six screenwriting workshops at the Met Film School, this one run by Claire Moorsom who has over ten years experience as a development executive. There are five sessions left now and if you would like to come to them, there are still three places. Drop me a line here and I will give you a special discount code that will drop the £299 ticket price down.

OK so here is some feedback from last nights first session…

‘I have learned much from Claire’s candid insight – it’s often the small glimpses that lead to the big a-has. Her homework is now ordered from LoveFilm and I have a dozen Premises to play with – Eight from a simple photo of a family on a lawn in front of a house. I know the genres I am happy with. So as you say, onwards and upwards, towards the 120th page.’
Matt Davis

‘…the first session was really intensive and I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t just a brief half hour seminar outlining the obvious. I think the course as a whole will prove to be quite valuable and challenging. As for my own personal aims – I’m hoping the course will help me through my feature film 2nd draft by bringing me back to some essential and effective principles. I’d also like to meet some influential people at the festival who may be looking to produce my kind of work or at least make some good contacts for the future – I’m also hoping to submit some of my work for the competitions you have running with the aim of adding to my portfolio or showcasing my work. Thanks again for the package of screenwriting seminars.’
Carla G.

Stuart Wright

‘The Scriptwriter’s workshop at the Met School was a positive start to the festival. A welcome chance to meet new fellow writers and it’ll be really great on day 1 of the festival to know I’ll see familiar faces. The exercises to get us thinking were really productive’
Stuart Wright

‘I thought it was great, Claire did a fantastic job. It was very useful and I’m looking forward to next week.’

‘informative, friendly, and was much more than I had hoped for. I got some useful practical tips on brainstorming ideas, not to mention a really good understanding of how much more practice I need at writing a great premise… looking forward to the next session!

Steve Turnbull‘Valuable and useful’
Steve Turnbull
Blog review here

Remember, with your ticket you will get full access to the remaining five workshops as well as the three day festival in October, but you must sign up now. Link here.

And there is more info on the AMAZING speakers at the festival here…

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

London Screenwriters’ Festival Guest Blog: ‘Yes, I’m A Writer’

Posted on: August 18th, 2010 by Lucy V Hay 1 Comment

by The Kid In The Front RowI'm a writer!

When someone asks, “What do you do?” the answer is, “I’m a screenwriter.” Any other answer and you’re letting yourself down.

If you don’t identify yourself as a writer, then you’re hiding a big part of who you are. ‘I’ll call myself a writer as soon as I sell a script,’ or ‘I’m a writer as soon as I leave this job’ — they might sound logicial; but you’re saying you’re not good enough to be a writer yet. (more…)

London Screenwriters’ Festival Guest Blog: Tomorrow, Next Year, In Another Life

Posted on: August 12th, 2010 by Lucy V Hay No Comments

by The Kid In The Front Row

time slips awayYou’ve woken up. You’re breathing. Your arms are working. This is the day you’re starting your screenplay.

But wait; you’ve got to go into the office for that big meeting and you have to look after your cousin’s kids later. Okay, tomorrow you are starting your screenplay.