London Screenwriters' Festival

A New World for Writers

Posted on: July 13th, 2010 by Lucy V Hay 3 Comments

by Julian Friedmann

The new London Screenwriters’ Festival is timely for many reasons. One of the most important of these is writers having to become hyphenates: instead of the writer-director it is becoming more and more common to see writer-producers.

Many producers have little or no money – a reflection of the times we live in not an accusation. So now writers, instead of taking modest option fees and in effect losing control of their work, are being advised to become one of the producers and stay close to the action so they can monitor it and ensure that their script or novel is actively developed.

The problem then becomes: how do writers manage an area of the business few of them know much about?  The answer lies in events like LSWF, where talks, seminars and networking events will provide insights into this rapidly changing world for writers and filmmakers.

It is no longer enough to sit at home and tap away at the computer. Successful writers need to get out more and develop relationships with other players in the industry. What was so great about the festival at Cheltenham was the generosity of those networking; London should be able to follow in that tradition.

In addition to other writers, there will be agents, producers, script editors and directors for you to meet. The real question is: can you afford not to be there?

There is no excuse for ignorance in the way that there used to be and the LSWF will become an essential date in the calendar of everyone who writes scripts or buys them.

Julian Friedmann is a literary agent representing book and script writers at Blake Friedmann. An ex-publisher, Julian founded ScriptWriter Magazine in 2001. He lectures widely on scriptwriting and is co-founder and owner of, which contains an array of valuable information about filmmaking, scriptwriting and financing for both new and experienced writers and filmmakers.

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  2. I am commenting on my own Blog because I have had a couple of calls from producers asking if the writers will share the risks that producers take. Writers often get paid MORE than producers on low-budget films. Interesting and worth discussing

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