Should I Write A Spec Script?

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Okay, we all get it by now – unless you’re filthy rich already, writers can’t write just to write anymore.  There are bills to pay and expenses to be met.  So if you want to write and carry on writing, you have to write to SELL.

So why not aim big?  Why write the $1m movie when you can write the $100m movie instead?  Spec scripts are still a great way to kick start a career in a fully vibrant industry.

So do you invest your time and efforts into your hard to sell passion project or take a chance on the ‘one in a million’ high concept big budget blockbuster that the studios are crying out for every summer?

This panel full of experienced industry folk who’ve been there and seen it all will tell you exactly what you can realistically expect in return for a spec script in 2010.

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