Off The Page

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The Off the Page workshop at the London Screenwriters Festival will literally bring your script to life in a live Table Read!

Submit 10 pages of your script, be it feature, short, tv show or stageplay to experience it read aloud by actors so that you can experience your work, alongside a live audience.

  • Assigned to be read by professional actors and rehearsed.  (we'll cover a large range of ethnic types and ages from 16 to 60)
  • Given to a storyboard artist who will draft 3 – 4 scenes to be displayed during the performance.
  • Performed including a short piece of music specially composed by a professional music composer.

The workshop will be videoed and you will be given a CD with your video, art work and music. To submit your script, you must have purchased a ticket to the festival.

Please read and agree to the Terms & Conditions before submitting your script. Email your script to and include a completed Submission Form.

Deadline for submissions: 01 October 2010
(Please note this is a deadline change the T's & C's state a different deadline)

To submit your script to be considered for the workshops please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS, then fill out the Submission Form and then submit your script via email or direct mail.
Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Submission Form (Word Doc)
Submission Form (PDF)