No template, no formula screenwriting with Jurgen Wolff

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Like Dr Frankenstein, Syd Field and Christopher Vogler created a monster. Their intentions were good. It’s not their fault that their creations have run amok.

Here’s the problem: these templates and formulas were supposed to be your servants, not your master.

Unfortunately that has gotten distorted, so nowadays many writers are worrying about the three acts, or the mid-point reversal, or who’s going to be the protagonist’s mentor before they even fully know the story they want to tell.

In this workshop, we look at how to let your story decide what shape it wants to be. Among the topics we will cover:

  • What are the best starting points for a screenplay story?
  • How to use Alvin Sargent’s scene writing method to let your story germinate and grow.
  • How to use the 3 positions exercise to fully get to know your characters.
  • How to use mind mapping to organize the main developments of your story.
  • How to develop the spine of your story.
  • How to use guidelines of structure at the right time - after you’ve written the first draft.
  • Why this approach to story telling is in tune with the future of filmmaking.

The workshop will include a set of back-up sheets that summarize the main points and make it easy to use these techniques again and again.

In this session, seasoned professional writers share some of the most practical tried and tested tips and tricks (some less orthodox than others!) to get your foot in the door and, more importantly, how to keep it there once it’s in.

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