Michael Bassett in Conversation with Dean Craig: Writing for Hollywood

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Who says you need to live in Hollywood to write a Hollywood blockbuster? Michael Bassett lives in the English countryside and recently wrote and directed the $45m movie SOLOMAN KANE.

And Dean Craig's first feature, CAFFIENE, a British ensamble comedy set in a London cafe was written in a flat in North London and eventually shot in a studio in Los Angeles with a majority US cast.  Dean's most recent release was the Hollywood remake of his UK hit DEATH AT A FUNERAL.

Flinging the questions at Michael and Dean will be Jonathan Newman, another British Writer / Director who has done very well in Hollywood, all from the comfort of his London home.

Join these two big hitting British talents as they sit down and share insights into how to be a successful writer within the Hollywood machine, navigating managers, lawyers, agents & studio heads while maintaining as much creative control as possible - all from the comfort of your own home, wherever it may be.

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