Euroscript Clinic

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euroscript clinic


We know your script is good. But we want to help you make it GREAT!

At the London Screenwriters Festival you can book a personal one-on-one session with an expert script doctor from Euroscript.

The Euroscript Clinic is run by full-time professional practitioners with a wealth of experience as writers, directors, script editors and readers.

At our session you will get:

DIAGNOSIS to help you identify problems in your work.
ADVICE about solving specific problems you're experiencing.
SUGGESTIONS about how to move your script forward.
HELP in developing outline ideas you'd like to discuss.

Personal Appointments:
London Screenwriters' Festival delegates will receive a 45-minute appointment that can be booked in advance (fifty slots available on a first come first served basis). To get the most from this opportunity you will need to send your work in advance. This can be:

• A story outline of no more than two pages.
• A summary, proposal or idea, expressed in one page or less.
• The first ten pages of a script.
• A question or questions about your writing or a project.

Alternatively, you can simply use the appointment to talk about an idea, a project, or your writing in general, without sending any written material.

Drop-in Clinic
We also operate a drop-in desk. Come along and discuss your work without an appointment. These sessions are conducted on a first-come-first-served basis, and you may be in a small group.

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