Editing and the Script

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There is an old saying, “a script is written 3 times”. The first time by the writer holed up with his computer, the second by the actors on the set, improvising the lines and bringing the characters to life; and the final rewrite is made by the editor in his suite.

This session promises an extraordinary insight into the journey that your script takes from pre-production into principle photography all the way through to the final edit;  all through the eyes of the editor, the person ultimately responsible for shaping the final version of your movie.

Eddie Hamilton is currently editing X-MEN: FIRST CLASS for 20th Century Fox.  To date he has cut over 20 feature films including this year’s blockbuster KICK-ASS.

In this exclusive session to the LSF, Eddie will be sharing never seen before clips and script excerpts from KICK-ASS to give delegates a greater insight and understanding of writing from an editorial perspective.

Eddie will share invaluable tips, tricks and advice all geared towards giving your scripts a more cohesive structure and flow which ultimately will make it a more attractive proposition for producers, directors and cast.

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