Suzanne Smith - Casting Director

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HER…? Because she's a double EMMY winner and has worked with some of the biggest actors on some of the biggest movies -- she can tell you from first hand experience how to attract the big names to your script.

. Ridley Scott, Paul.W.S.Anderson, David Cronenberg, Milla Jovovich, Jason Isaacs, Ewan McGregor, Ralph Fiennes, Orlando Bloom and Josh Hartnett.


Suzanne Smith is a double Emmy Award Winner for BAND OF BROTHERS and, more recently, THE PACIFIC.  She was also Emmy nominated for ANNE FRANK (ABC) and PATH TO 9/11 (ABC).

Suzanne has worked on Television shows such as STIG OF THE DUMP & FEATHER BOY (BBC) and on low budget feature films such as SCOUTING BOOK FOR BOYS, FOSTER and HORRID HENRY.

She also has an impressive credit list of big budget hits such as RESIDENT EVIL, BLACK HAWK DOWN, ALIEN VS PREDATOR, RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE and THE THREE MUSKETEERS (the latter two of which were filmed in 3D).