Richard Tierney & Mark McKergow - Educators

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO THEM…? Because their revolutionary new script development workshop CONSTELLATIONS was packed out at Cheltenham two years running with many delegates describing it as "the highlight of the festival".

Producing, Consulting, Writing...Constellating!


Richard Tierney has been a producer working in over 30 countries producing drama and documentary, corporate and broadcast programming, he currently runs the creative agency Creative Talks. features interviews with many successful screenwriters.  Richard is currently developing the TV drama DEMANDING WOMEN which was conceived using Constellation techniques.

Dr. Mark McKergow PHD, MBA, is an international consultant, speaker and author. He has been elected to membership of Jack Canfield's Transformational Leadership Council, and speaks and works regularly in the USA and Asia.

A scientist by training and by nature, Mark continues to seek simplicity and reliability in learning and change. His PhD research in self-organising systems provides a basis for his work, with influences ranging from systems thinking and brain research to language, narrative and philosophy. His MBA degree specialised in creative and HR management. He has presented on every continent except Antarctica, and is an international conference keynote presenter.

Mark is the editor of the only English language book on the branch of Constellation Technique which applies to the Script Development work.