Peter Buckingham - Head of Distribution & Exhibition

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because there’s nothing this man can’t teach you about distribution!

WHO HE’S WORKED WITH… UKFC, FilmFour and Virgin Vision.


Peter is hugely experienced having more than 25 years in the film business and working in most jobs across the industry from a 35mm projectionist at the very start, to almost every possible role in cinema and film distribution.  He is passionate about film and has helped pioneer the development of a number of ground-breaking initiatives including the UK's Digital Screen Network and, both of which enable more and more people to watch and enjoy a wider variety of film in the UK.

As Head of Distribution & Exhibition at the UK Film Council, Peter is tasked with increasing the breadth and diversity of film audiences across the UK, as well as encouraging audience appreciation of UK films.

Peter heads up a range of schemes to support this strategy, which aim to broaden the choice of films available to UK audiences and to increase admissions for a wider range of film; these include the P&A Fund (prints & advertising) and the world’s first 2k Digital Screen Network – providing over 200 independent cinemas with digital projection technology.  The projects that Peter manages produce business and market intelligence about how audiences respond to particular films and audience behaviour which has been shared with the industry in order to help the development of film and cinema businesses.

He is leading on digital strategy for the UK Film Council and has given many lectures on this subject. He is currently also on a number of boards and advisory boards including Cass Business School in London and AIM (The All Industry Marketing agency for the UK film industry).

Peter is a well-known industry figure who was previously Deputy Chief Executive of FilmFour and named Video Distributor of the Year in 2000. Prior to FilmFour, he was MD of Chris Blackwell’s Oasis Cinemas, building up a specialised cinema chain. He has also worked as Director of Film Distribution for Virgin Vision.