Michael Bassett - Screenwriter / Director

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because he put Billy Elliot and Gollum in the trenches!  But more importantly because he's exactly where the majority of us want to be, writing and directing his own fully financed, big budget movies. 



After training as a wildlife film maker and spending several years on-screen as a television presenter whilst still in his teens, writer and director Michael J. Bassett exploded onto the British horror scene in 2002 with the critically lauded, award winning and successful DEATHWATCH.

Set in the horror of the trenches of the First World War DEATHWATCH was a modestly budgeted but visually powerful work, that is both an acting showcase for a slew of British talent including Jamie Bell (in his first role after BILLY ELLIOT) and Andy Serkis, (fresh from his success as Gollum in THE LORD OF THE RINGS.) and a truly disturbing look into the horrors of war.

In 2006 he followed up DEATHWATCH with the gritty, brutal and crowd-pleasing survival horror story WILDERNESS.  With some standout performances by a young cast of unknowns playing young offenders sent to an island for a week of ‘team building’, it is a brutal and gory adventure that delivers the audience deep into the heart of darkness.

In 2009 Bassett was given the opportunity to work in his beloved fantasy genre and bring CONAN creator Robert E Howard’s classic dark hero SOLOMON KANE to the screen.  Casting James Purefoy as the eponymous hero and surrounding him with a cast that included Max Von Sydow and Pete Postlethwaite, KANE is a beautifully crafted, dark heroic fantasy that TimeOut called ‘monstrously entertaining’, and lauded by some critics as one of the best sword and sorcery movies yet brought to the screen.  He is currently prepping an as-yet unannounced horror sequel based on a multi-million selling computer game franchise and has just cast Jeffrey Dean Morgan in the intense psychological thriller THE UNBLINKING EYE that is gearing up to shoot in 2011.”