Lucy V. Hay - Screenwriter / Script Editor

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HER…? Because she's a lean, mean, reading and writing machine!

Scottish Screen, Premiere Pictures, Initialize Films and METLAB


Lucy V Hay is a screenwriter and script editor. The eldest of five children, Lucy wanted to kill most of her siblings (usually for taking too long in the bathroom), but feared going to jail so wrote her ideas into stories instead. Since graduating Bournemouth University’s BA (Hons) Scriptwriting for Film & TV in 2003, Lucy has been in consistent paid work, including the corporate world of games and toys; script editing; journalism – on and offline; web copy; short film and features.

Via her Bang2write Script Consultancy, Lucy has read for countless writers, directors and producers, ranging from new to professional. She has also worked regularly as a script reader for the likes of Scottish Screen, Premiere Pictures and Initialize Films as well as The Sequel To Cannes Short Scriptwriting Contest 09, The SWF09 Scriptmarket initiative, London Metropolitan University’s METLAB initiative and TAPs.

Lucy is the long term collaborator of the writer/director JK Amalou and has script edited for many, many independent production companies including Remark! Productions (THE FINGERSPELLERS), Stiletto Films (HANDS SOLO ) and Embrace Productions (ACT OF GRACE). Lucy is also the head reader for the LSWF Short Script Challenge this year.

Lucy is also the owner of “Write Here, Write Now”, a screenwriting tips and networking  website which is the home of The Required Reading List, an e-library of all the best writing and writing-related articles online by various authors (find it here: