Linda Aronson - Screenwriter / Educator

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HER…?  Because she’s an award winning Scriptwriter, Playwright and Novelist who lectures around the world on Screenwriting.

NYU, Columbia, AFI, Screenwriting Expo, NFTS and Goldsmiths’ College.


Linda Aronson has won awards as a scriptwriter, playwright and popular childrens' novelist with screen credits in feature film (KOSTAS), TV series and serials (SINGLES, LEARNED FRIENDS, SOMETHING IN THE AIR, etc), mini-series (THE YOUNG WIFE), as well as children's TV drama, radio drama and TV drama-documentary.   Her novels are published in nine countries.

Linda also guest lectures and consults on screenwriting all over the world, explaining how parallel narrative films like PULP FICTION, 21 GRAMS, MEMENTO, ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND and THE HOURS, hitherto regarded as one-offs, actually conform to patterns based on splitting, multiplying and reassembling the standard three act structure, thus can be planned.

Her book SCREENWRITING UPDATED, endorsed by Christopher Vogler, is required reading at many film schools internationally, including NYU.

Of her new book, THE 21ST CENTURY SCREENPLAY, Linda Seger has written “Brilliant… Linda Aronson is one of the great and important voices in screenwriting”.