Lance Nielsen - Playwright and Head Producer | Gutted Film and Theatre Company

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because he's an award winning playwright whose company mission statement is to "Entertain, educate, stimulate and inform the audience..." all the while "...challenging their way of thinking".  And thus far he hasn't failed to deliver!



Lance was raised in South London. He has been a writer, director and producer since 1993 with the majority of his work tackling social and political issues using the mediums of film and theatre. His first play to debut in London, WAITING FOR HILLSBOROUGH, won him critical acclaim and the best talent in new writing with the Liverpool Art and Entertainment awards.

Following this he received Time Out's critics choice for his play about THE VICTORIA CLIMBIE INQUIRY and THE MARCHIONESS INQUIRY.  He went onto win a Peter Brook empty space award for the black comedy play MAKING TIME which also won him praise from the Evening Standard. Other work includes STICKS AND STONES a sweeping play set over three decades of the conflict in Northern Ireland and HI I’M VINCE his first piece about HIV/AIDS. He also wrote and directed the 1920’s musical THE EAST END OF CHICAGO and directed two plays for Tom Hardy’s Shotgun Theatre Company BLUE ON BLUE and TWO STORM WOOD.  Lance has worked on numerous other films in a variety of different jobs, as well as directing two low budget feature films, 30 and the highly personal DEATH COMES FROM THE TOUCH OF THE FUNNYMAN.

Much of his own work has been produced under the banner of The Gutted Film and Theatre Company with the exception of the feature film JERICHO’S WALLS ARE FALLING starring Jason Flemyng which is a co-production with Freestyle Productions which he also wrote and directed. Other scripts include 13 SECONDS IN KENT STATE, LEGION OF THE DAMNED, and FALLEN ANGELS.

He has just also finished writing PRESSURE the feature film script about the trial of Colin Stagg. Future theatre work includes THE VOICE, THE SOUL OF CHERRY STREET, ROCK CHICK and KENT STATE.

In 2010 he directed two plays, an all ethnic female version of the film/play 12 ANGRY MEN, and FRAGILE which was co written by the late actress Angela Thomas.