K D Adamson - Marketing and Media Strategist

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HER…? Because in this new age of self distribution and the PMD, anyone described as "Marketing Viagra" demands to be heard!

WHO SHE’S WORKED WITH… Orange, Coca-Cola and FTSE 100 companies.


K D Adamson is a global brand communications & media strategist, author, novelist, commentator and speaker.

An expert on global marketing, the media, IP and digital content, and the impact of marketing trends on businesses, consumers and societies she has provided strategic and practical marketing advice to media organisations, feature film & TV production companies, high-tech entrepreneurs, ereader manufacturers, ebooksellers, writers, screenwriters and literary brands.

She has also worked with global consumer brands including Orange and Coca-Cola, satellite TV giant SES Astra, FTSE 100 companies, major government and public sector organisations and developed marketing programmes for the European Union.

Described as ‘Marketing Viagra’ she is also credited as the creator of the Slimfast martini.