Danny Stack - Screenwriter

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because he’s written for EASTENDERS and DOCTORS and, as a story analyst, has worked with some of the biggest hitters around - he knows what these people are looking for!

Working Title Films, Pathe, Miramax, UKFC.

Danny is a screenwriter and script consultant. His writing credits include EASTENDERS, DOCTORS, CBBC's ROY, THE AMAZING ADRENALINI BROTHERS and the internet/TV drama SOFIA'S DIARY.

Recently, he finished writing/directing an ambitious short film, ORIGIN, a supernatural drama starring Lee Ross and Katy Carmichael.

He writes a screenwriting blog called Scriptwriting in the UK, and in 2007, the site inspired him to set up the Red Planet Prize with Tony Jordan to help new writers. Danny’s a former story analyst for UK Film Council, Working Title Films, Pathe, Miramax, amongst others, and previously worked in Channel 4’s comedy department.