Daniel Martin Eckhart - Screenwriter

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because his scripts are regularly produced on the huge German market, because he knows what works and how you get through that door - and because he doesn't believe in writer's block.

Many of the German public broadcasters and major cable networks.


Daniel is a scriptwriter with a passion for thrillers, cop stories and all things dark and twisted. Before hitting his scriptwriting stride, he played around in the army, protected the Pope in the Vatican, got shot at for the UN in Beirut, narrowly avoided a kidnapping in Tehran and escaped the war in Baghdad. During his classical actor training in New York, the passion for scriptwriting took centre stage - and it's been there ever since.

Working with some of Germany's best networks, producers, directors and actors, he's been busy creating top-rated TV movies. His work has been Grimme-Prize nominated (Germany's top TV honor). Daniel has also worked on action and thriller TV shows, creating bibles and writing episodes.

More recently Daniel has been focusing on adaptations. He adapted THE COFFEE TRADER by David Liss, a high-budget period film currently in financing stages. His latest adaptation is BROTHER GRIMM by Craig Russell - the film will have its prime-time premiere on the main German network exactly during the London Screenwriters' Festival.  Daniel may ask you all to keep your fingers crossed - because if the ratings fly, it'll mean the beginning of several more to come.