Conrad Williams - Literary Agent

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WHY SHOULD YOU LISTEN TO HIM…? Because he has been repping top talent for over 24 years.


Conrad has been a Film/TV agent at Blake Friedmann Literary Agency for 24 years.  He has represented numerous leading film and television scriptwriters, directors, producers, chefs, presenters, playwrights and production companies, and been involved as a deal-maker and middleman in most aspects of the audio-visual business, from talent contracts, to film rights deals, to co-production and finance-raising agreements. His wide knowledge of the industry and its players includes extensive European experience. He has valiantly attended Cannes 24 times over the years. Conrad’s two acclaimed novels ‘Sex and Genius’ and ‘The Concert Pianist’ were published by Bloomsbury.  The latter has been adapted as a screenplay by Tim Rose Price for Viva Films. Conrad writes the First Person column in Pianist Magazine.