Speakers' Feedback

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Feedback is now coming back in from our wonderful speakers at the festival. What did they think of the experience from the other side of the fence?

Conv_Barbara Machin NEW


‘Wonderful and Fabulous festival… bloody well done!’
BARBARA MACHIN – BAFTA and Emmy Award winning Screenwriter

Conv_Kate Lees NEW ‘It was a great event. The audience were lovely: smart, focused, funny, engaging. I really enjoyed the sessions I did.  The writers who were there seemed to be having a great time and, crucially, were all meeting each other. I keep bumping into writers who weren't there who say they followed it on Twitter and they spent the weekend wishing they'd gone. Well done’
KATE LEYS – Script Editor with a credit list like your DVD collection!

Conv_Kate Harwood NEW ‘I enjoyed my time at the London Screenwriters Festival and it was a pleasure to engage with such a diverse group of passionate writers. I would recommend writers attend future LSF events as it offers direct contact with so many Industry people’
KATE HARWOOD – Controller of Series and Serials, BBC Drama Production

Conv_Gail Renard NEW 'It was great to meet so many enthusiastic, lovely people both on the panels and in the audiences. I think emerging writers come away with lots to think about and hopefully they pick up a few tricks too!'
GAIL RENARD – Writers Guild UK

Conv_Nik Bower NEW 'It was awesome! I particularly enjoyed the atmosphere of collaboration. It also offers a unique chance to spend time in conversation with a lot of people in senior positions in the industry'
NIK BOWER – Financier Ingenious Media, backing ‘SHAUN OF THE DEAD, NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM, CHILDREN OF MEN and AVATAR among many others)

Conv_Nicola Schindler NEW ‘It is always good to encourage and respond to newer writers and to help talented writers to learn where there might be a home for their work’
NICOLA SHINDLER, Producer ‘Queer As Folk’ (Ch4), ‘Bob and Rose’ (ITV), ‘Linda Green’ (BBC)

Conv_Craig Batty NEW 'It was an absolute privilege to be involved with the LSF 2010. I always love speaking to and working with people who have a passion for screenwriting, and the Festival brought together so many of these people. And, of course, we too are always learning, so it was great to be able to get ideas, perspectives and feedback from the delegates themselves. I would recommend attending the London Screenwriters’ Festival you keep learning; to keep networking; to keep the passion alive; to keep screenwriting constantly growing and developing'
DR CRAIG BATTY - Screenwriter and lecturer

Conv_Andy Briggs NEW 'It's a wonderful feeling to be able to impart advice and tales of personal experience to emerging writers, not least because everybody's stories about how they got into the industry and how they work are all different. I also enjoyed the opportunity to meet other writers as it is usually such a solitary occupation that festivals like this remind us that we're not obsessed hermits. The festival is a superb source of information and advice from writers bearing the battle scars of the business.  I wish I had something like the LSF to encourage and guide me when I was starting to make my mark on the world'

Conv_Jonny Newman NEW ‘It's good to give back, share information and knowledge and to feel part of a community that for many can be quite isolating. There was positive energy and a buzz flowing constantly. It was a very successful weekend packed with brilliant and worthy speakers and 400 delegates that wanted to be there’
JONATHAN NEWMAN, Writer / Director (‘Foster’, ‘Swinging With The Finkels’)

  Conv_Daniel Eckhart NEW ‘The whole event was thrilling, through and through. The buzz, the energy, the inspiration - the sheer intensity you felt from fresh writers and the generous knowledge sharing you got from experienced ones - it all added up to a great experience. I greatly enjoyed being able to spread a positive attitude among fresh writers, trying to inspire them, trying to make them feel that they CAN make it and trying to remind them that all of this is supposed to be FUN!’
DANIEL MARTIN ECKHART - TV Crime and Thriller writer for German TV

Conv_Marc Pye NEW ‘I'd forgotten just what energy there is at an event like this. All of it positive. I've made so many great contacts amongst emerging screenwriters at the festival and am still advising them now as a result. The people who helped me when I was starting off were thin on the ground, so if I can help anyone get ahead I know just how much that means to them. Attend next year and you will come away fired up, burning to write, focused on your career and you will have made more new contacts in that weekend than in a year of emailing and calling people.’
MARC PYE, Writer ‘Eastenders’ (BBC), ‘The Bill’ (ITV), ‘The Street’ (BBC)