London Screenwriters’ Festival 2011 Christmas Special... Just £24!

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So you came to the LSF last year and had an extraordinary experience, but as a writer, it was tough to cover the ticket price all at once.

And so those clever elves here at the festival have worked out a way for you to pay £24 a month from now until next October, spreading the cost of your ticket over ten months.

This way you get your seat at Europe’s biggest screenwriting event next October without the pain of that one big payment.

Yes we know October is a long way off, and yes we know that we haven’t mapped out the 75 sessions or told you who the 90 great speakers will be. But you also know that we did a great job last year and we will do even better this year. We promise!

Plus, sign up now and you will also get access to the private delegates network where you can see full session videos from last year and connect with other delegates who attended. Videos will be added all through December giving you plenty of inspirational viewing for the Christmas break.

We also promise that if the price drops below £240 (the total of your ten monthly payments), we will refund you the difference. What we can guarantee is that next year, the price will go up. So act now to take advantage of this ‘lowest available ticket price’. Plus, the normal ticket price will be £300, and this offer is open ONLY for December.

The London Screenwriters’ Festival 2011 will be the biggest, brightest, most exciting and inspirational event of the year. Get involved now and start to feel the magic!

OFFER ONE - Click below to pay £24 a month for 10 months (total of £240)


OFFER TWO - Go ahead and buy the ticket for LSF 2011, Early Bird discount for £240 - click here

Email this link to a loved one so they can buy you something you really want for Christmas:

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